I'm Busy Selling Homes. Why Blog?!

Potential home buyers and sellers are out there searching for you online right now. The question is: can they find you?

Okay, so... why blogging? Whether you've just earned your license or you're a grizzled industry veteran, you likely already appreciate that while blogs may seem to be reserved for hipsters and poets, they're an incredibly powerful lead generation tool for those in real estate. If you're not consistently blogging, you're losing an enormous amount of potential in new, local visitor traffic to other real estate agents who are more internet-savvy.

In the past, real estate agents could rely on networking, referrals and some advertising to gather more business than they could possibly need - but those days are over. With vicious competition for every possible home buyer and seller available, an agent needs to explore all marketing avenues that have the potential to generate results. Your prospective new clients are searching for your services online with keywords such as "downtown loft condos", "tips for selling houses in Mycity", "best new homes in Cityarea" and so on; if your website and blog aren't showing up in the search results, these potential clients will never find you. Each and every piece of blog content we develop for you is designed to attract local visitors, providing you with the opportunity to capture and convert them into new clients.

Consider every new blog post as a "landing page", with organic search engine traffic from Google, Bing and other websites as your main visitor source. If each new post gets just ten hits per month, then six months of blogging translates into 6,000 additional website visits. Chances are you could use an additional 6,000 chances to convert new clients; if you're not blogging, you're batting zero.

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Below are some of the common problems issues challenges that we hear from real estate agents:

I'm Far Too Busy to Bother With Writing In My Blog

As you should be - you're running a business! The average real estate agent has more than enough on their plate with open houses, meetings, networking events and everything else to have to then worry about making sure they get a well-written daily blog post in. If you're spending your own time writing your blog, you're wasting time that could be put to far better use. Let us take care of your blog development; we'll focus on bringing new individuals in so you can focus on closing them and adding them to your growing business.
As a real estate agent, you should be focusing on sales and service.

I'm Fighting a War with Thousands of Other Agents!

It's every agent for themselves out there, and if you're not levering any competitive advantage you can get your hands on, you're going to lose the war for prospective new clients. Thankfully, a high percentage of real estate agents blog infrequently (or fail to blog at all), leaving them with boring, static websites that aren't attracting much traffic from search engines like Google. Every blog post we produce for you draws in fresh prospective lead traffic ready to be converted into a buying or selling client.

I Have A Marketing Consultant But They Don't Do Blogs

If you're already working with a dedicated marketing consultant or website service, it's likely that they either leave blog writing up to you or outsource it to a professional team (like us!) and pocket the difference. You can choose to work directly with us, or we can work in tandem with your consultant(s) to help accomplish your website visitor and online lead generation goals. We're happy to be a part of the team that takes your website - and your business - to the top.
Blogging - one of the 'keys' to success...
The bottom line: real estate is a fiercely competitive game; if your marketing strategy isn't firing on all cylinders using every possible channel, you're missing out on new business. Your blog needs to be regularly updated with content that draws in new eyeballs so you can close them into new business. These potential customers will need a real estate agent sometime in the future... will they find you?

Yes, they will. Click here to contact us and our team will custom-tailor a blogging solution to suit your needs.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

~Bill Cosby, Marketing Genius

Here's What We Do

Face it: you shouldn't be spending your time blogging - you should be spending your time selling. We'll handle everything.



We work with you to generate ideas for post content and how to best attract prospects in your target demographics.



You can rest assured knowing that your blog content is being written and edited by university-educated professionals, with no offshoring.



We use beautiful, high-resolution and fully-licensed stock imagery to give every blog post a professional look.



We'll even take care of uploading your post content into your blog and scheduling out your blog posts.

And Now, The Pricing

Everything is included in a single monthly rate. It doesn't get any more convenient than that.

We've worked hard to make our pricing simple and cost-effective. Included with all of our packages: custom-written blog content (500 to 600 words in every post), fully-licensed stock photos, proper formatting and uploading to your WordPress or other blog management installation.

Every blog post we create essentially becomes a new "landing page", drawing in visitors who then gain exposure to your brand. When you're choosing your price plan, consider that every additional blog post means another opportunity for prospective new buyers and sellers to land on your website from a search engine or social media update - the more budget you can apply to your blog, the better the results will be. You can also share these posts on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media, bringing in even more new visitors.

Give this some thought: if every blog post we produce draws in an additional 10 visitors per month, then with The 30 Post Plan your website will welcome an additional 6,300 visitors over the next six months. Yes, some posts will be more popular than others - but there's no question that when it comes to blog content, more is more. Our monthly pricing:

The 10 Post Plan
  • 10 Blog Posts per Month
The 15 Post Plan
  • 15 Blog Posts per Month
The 20 Post Plan
  • 20 Blog Posts per Month

The 30 Post Plan
  • 30 Blog Posts per Month

Note: We even offer discounts on our six and twelve month blogging agreements. Sweet!

As you can see, having our team handle your blogging needs is affordable and a great value. Contact us and let's get started - we can have you up and running with new blog content within a couple of days.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.

~Jack Welch

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